Climate change destroys the environment and kills all forms of nature on the face of our planet


Loss of sea ice, an increase in the water level in the seas and oceans, indicators that warn of approaching floods, some of which will be devastating, a collapse in the food crop (plant and animal), devastating hurricanes…etc, All this and more will be the result of a natural disaster

1- climate change as a definition

Change and disturbance in the usual climatic conditions such as temperature, rainfall, wind direction and ice masses.

2-Causes of climate change on the planet

The least written about the causes of climate change is the industrial activity caused by the human race
This is due to the role of greenhouse gases in affecting the natural cycle on the planet
It is enough for you here to know that the concentration of carbon dioxide gas
It is 350 particles per liter of air
Whereas in the period before the twentieth century is
At a rate of 240 molecules per liter… We are talking here about an increase of approximately 35% per liter
This is in addition to the rest of the gases such as methane, which doubled from the period before the 20th century onwards

There is no doubt that global warming is a natural phenomenon
Rather, it is necessary to maintain the Earth’s heat balance, and this phenomenon is from the discretion of the Creator of this universe, but industrial activity has led to the disruption of this phenomenon and transformed it from a phenomenon that achieves life on this planet into a phenomenon that threatens destruction.
Have you ever wondered why it rains in the summer?
Why do heat waves camp in the fall?
Why do temperatures sometimes rise in the winter?
Did you know that all these phenomena that make the seasons abnormal is climate change!


3-The future effects of this phenomenon

I just ask you, dear reader, here to be farsighted
To be very confident that you did not reach this text except because you are a smart and far-sighted person and look at the details of things

A– Climate change will continue well beyond the 21st century
Climate change depends primarily on the amount of gases that accompany industrial activity, the sensitivity of the Earth’s climate, and the solutions that will be presented to reduce this phenomenon.

B– The biggest catastrophe “high temperatures”
It is enough for you to know that a country like Canada, which is considered one of the cold countries, has reached a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius, and with great sadness and sorrow this led to deaths
Do not be surprised if, in the later years, a sharp rise in temperatures occurs in Russia, which is very cold in nature, and even the high temperature of the frozen Siberian region may creep up. Can you imagine the threat to the adaptation of the human race? Can you imagine how this will affect all life on Earth?
Did you know that US temperatures are threatened by a sharp rise in temperatures?
The degrees vary at the level of the earth’s surface, but it is enough for you to know that it crawls over the whole earth. That is the simplest thing I can explain to you.

C– Hurricanes will become more powerful than usual
Did you also know that this is also due to the high temperature
Which depends on climate change so that the strength of hurricanes will double

D– Sea level rise of 1 to 4 feet or more by the year 2100
It has already risen from the 19th century
But with the melting of ice in rivers, oceans and seas,
As a result of the rise in temperature
By calculating the ratios, the researchers arrived at this ratio
that will be accompanied by floods and natural disasters
Including a peak in the strength of the tides
It is important to mention here that the frozen pole is likely to lose its ice


All this and more. Therefore, people with awareness and intelligence must take this matter seriously, and I think you, dear reader, is one of them. It is enough for me to know about you that you have reached here from reading this simple article. Whatever your goal, believe me, you are a special person, so it is time to research, analyze and find solutions.

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