Renewable energy sources , advantages and disadvantages


If you go to the sea one day, you will undoubtedly have sat contemplating the tides, Forget about this. Did you go to a water dam? Did you see the pressure there? Forget about this, did you experience relatively strong winds? Did you dig the ground and the temperature differed with you? Have you ever enjoyed the sunshine?

I know that you are a smart person, so I will not tell you that this is literally the energy that will make us dispense with fuel and combustion products to generate energy, because you know this, and now I will briefly mention this topic

Renewable energy as a definition

It is the energy that comes from nature such as wind, underground, sun and water, which is considered renewable energy because the nutrients have sustainable elements that God created and made them inexhaustible.

Advantages of renewable energy

1- Clean energy that is harmless to the environment
2- Free Acquisition
3- Renewable, not implemented
4- No matter how much consumption increases, it remains free

The difference between renewable energy and fossil fuels

1- Impact on the environment
Renewable energy is considered environmentally friendly because of its very low carbon emissions, in contrast to the relatively high carbon emissions of fuels
2- Decomposition time
Renewable energy has a higher rate of decomposition than its consumption, unlike high-consumption fuels with low decomposition
3- Maintenance cost
Renewable resources are considered to be high maintenance compared to low maintenance fuels
4- Space
Renewable resources need a larger place to generate energy, unlike fossil fuels, which need a relatively smaller place to generate energy
5- Where are the energy resources?
There are unlimited renewable energy resources
Like the sun, tides, wind, etc… which are impermeable
As for fossil fuels, they are confined and permeable

Renewable energy sources

1- The sun
2- the wind
3- The tides
4- Vital energy
5- Geothermal energy
6- Hydroelectricity
(we will talk about each one in a dedicated post)

Renewable energy uses

Renewable energy is used in any field that needs energy
Such as electric power, the field of operating factories and cars, and even in agriculture and politics to resolve disputes over areas that contain fossil fuels and in the climate to reduce global warming
Disadvantages of renewable energy:
1- Electricity production from it is still not sufficient for human consumption
2- It is sometimes unreliable because it depends on the sun that disappears from time to time and on the winds that change throughout the year
3- It needs a relatively large area to install
4-Slightly expensive when installing only


Renewable energy appeared after the great world turned towards non-renewable energy, which is about to run out, and this explains why researchers and engineers resort to harnessing renewable energy such as the sun, wind, heat of the earth, seas, tides, rivers, and organic materials, in the production of electricity that no house in this world is free from its use, which is considered The main operator of the world in all respects, such as the military, industrial, commercial, and domestic aspects

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